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SoftCAAT Cloud Application

helps auditors to analysis the data through cloud.
SoftCAAT has a host of best-of-breed features specially designed for data access, investigation and analysis which make it imperative for auditors to use it in auditing in a Technology environment.

Wincer is pleased to offer SoftCAAT, audit software designed to enhance audit productivity and help auditors in providing better assurance and value addition to their clients.

SoftCAAT has a host of features that enable users to perform the complete range of simple to complex functions from audit perspective with just a few clicks thus saving enormous amount of time. SoftCAAT has most of the commonly used functions of expensive data analytics software but with a simpler user interface.


Everything you need to know before you get started

Rich In Functionality

  • Auditee-wise database
  • Multiple audits for each Auditee
  • Integrity of data imported
  • Security for tables imported
  • User access controls for each table
  • Importing of files, Database, Spreadsheet, ASCII, SDF, Tally, Print, etc
  • Export to MS Access, or any database or text format
  • Statistical and Mathematical Computations
  • Different types of Mathematical and Statistical analysis of data
  • Printing of reports\export reports to MS office
  • Graphical analysis through charts and pivot table
  • Filter data on the fly with right click
  • Sort data on double-click
  • Statistics of column with single-click on column name
  • Drill down and analyse data to the required level
  • Email audit data on the fly

High In Quality

  • User friendly
  • Extensively tested - robust
  • Built on windows platform
  • Helps comply with CAAT guidelines
  • Designed by auditors for audit to audit


  • Data is transferable from different MS office products
  • Import from most database and text formats

Why use SoftCAAT?

  • Comprehensive tool-set to audit 100% of the data.
  • Empower your audit staff at affordable cost.
  • Enhance productivity of assignment team.
  • Use automated tools and techniques to access and analyse any electronic data as per objectives.
  • Complement your subject matter knowledge and domain expertise and use it for analysis, inference and insight.
  • Power to process complex files quickly with a few clicks.
  • Designed for new, inexperienced and expert CAATs users.
  • Audit as per standards and comply with peer review.
  • Standardise and automate audit process to improve effectiveness and efficiency.

Who Can Use SoftCAAT?

  • If you are working as Auditor: Financial, Compliance or IT, CXOs, Fraud/Forensics investigator….
  • If you want to use Data Analytics to Infer Insights from Information from any electronic format or software!
  • If you to want to use the right IT Tools and skills for accessing, analysing and auditing electronic information.
  • If you have to investigate and report on frauds in electronic information of automated environment.


  • Import data from any database
  • Perform same function in different ways like sort by double click on column or perform multiple sort by using menu option

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